Will, I Eventually Get Bald If I Have Genetic Hair Loss?

Hair loss due to genetics and inheritance issues is one of the most common problems faced by us, today. But, there’s actually not much to worry about as this is not a disease. The major reason behind this problem is the combination of our inherited genes. While other reasons may also range from aging factors to hormonal level alterations. In both cases, you can consult hair transplant doctors in Mumbai, in case you find the increased trend of your hair fall.  

It is seen that as men and women age, they start facing hair loss issues or primarily thinning of hair, as well. During the age period of the 20s and 30s, people mainly experience hair loss issues, raising concerns within many.

Many women face this problem after menopause and the term used for baldness is Androgenetic Alopecia. Are you having a normal hereditary loss? You can slow down the loss with certain treatments. To prevent further loss, you must visit the best hair transplant in Mumbai. It is good to get the treatment as early as possible. This is to avoid getting bald. 

Here we can look at some major treatments suggested by experts in case of genetic hair loss.

  1. Medications

It has been found that any type of hereditary hair loss, detected at an early stage can be treated with medication. However, this should be done as soon as the person detects the first sign of hair thinning or hair fall. But, in order to attain hair regrowth, you need to continue the treatment, regularly. Generally, these processes are slow which means you may be needed to wait for more than 4 to 6 months to check the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Doctors may even suggest you take Minoxidil and Finasteride for preventing hair loss. However, the effect of medicine varies from person to person.

2. Better Sleep

It is advised to have a consistent and better sleep to help hair recoup and rebuild.

3. No smoking

Avoid smoking and drinking as it reduces the hair’s fiber production.

4. Avoid unnecessary medicinal intake

Do not take medicines like antihypertensives, hormone treatments, antidepressants and such. It can slow down the hair’s growth and strength.

5. Surgical techniques like Hair Transplant FUE and FUT

Surgical hair replacement is mainly done for growing the hair of your own on your head. Under the skilled surgeon, the results are fantastic.

Skin is taken from the area where one to 15 hairs are present. This is mainly the back or side of the scalp. It is then moved to a bald area wherein tiny holes are made. For making the surgery comfortable, doctors may inject local anesthesia and mild sedation. Scabs are formed after the surgery and in some time, the transplanted hairs start falling. However, after a few months, new hair automatically grows up. 

You can get great results with the newer “Micrografts”. However, these are time-consuming as well as expensive. The surgery requires 700 individual grafts. According to hair transplant surgery in Mumbai, you can see the results in two years or so.

You must also note that in extensive hair loss cases, additional surgery appointments are required. On average, three or four sessions are needed to cover the bald area. 


  • Hereditary hair loss is something that you cannot run away from. It is in your genes. But you can adopt certain methods to prevent it. 
  • There are different ways to keep the hair strong and healthy. 
  • It is important to have nutritious food to get good hair. You can have healthy hair by having adequate amounts of fish, meat, beans, nuts, and grains. This is because hair needs protein for an increase in production. 
  • Also, you should not pull and twist the hair. It is better to avoid making tight ponytails and braids. This can increase hair fall. Even using straighteners and other hair styling appliances can damage hair. So, people worried about their baldness should avoid it.

Hereditary hair loss if treated early can be restored and maintained for a longer period of time. Genes and aging will continue to play a role but treatments employed can delay the further progress of the disease, regrow hair as well as maintain the existing number of hair.  Many people become depressed due to early hair fall. You can opt for hair treatments or hair transplants in Mumbai depending on the stage of your hair loss to prevent yourself from getting eventually bald.