Why Choose A Trichologist? Mumbai Experts Reveal The Benefits

Why Choose A Trichologist

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Issues with hair and scalp are not uncommon and can cause a great deal of anxiety. Hair is an important element of our personality and any related issues need to be seen and managed as soon as possible. You can best resolve your hair and scalp issues through a Trichologist In Mumbai. Read on to know more.

Trichology and Trichologist

What is trichology? It’s a science of human hair that studies its function, structure, and diseases. Clinical trichology involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and disorders of the human hair and scalp.

Who is a trichologist? S/he is a specialist in trichology who helps people suffering from problems related to their hair and scalp. These problems can arise due to several factors like hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune problems, physiological or psychological stress, and genetics. That is why, trichologists consider asking about your diet, genetics, nutrition, lifestyle as well as medical history when making a diagnosis.

Why consult a Trichologist?

Consultation with a trichologist in Mumbai may be done in various scenarios, for they carry the required knowledge and expertise to treat related conditions.

1. For hair loss

Hair loss is a highly common problem and natural for both men and women. Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is the most prevalent type of hair loss. This condition is known to affect nearly half of the men of 50 years of age, but it also affects men of all ages. It also affects women who experience some loss of hair after menopause.  

Androgenetic alopecia is a genetic condition that starts causing hair loss at the front of the head and receding the hairline until it goes bald. In women, hair loss can be first noticed where they make a hair partition. This is followed by the receding of hair near the temples and hair thinning all over the head.

Hair loss can be of various other types caused due to other factors. A trichologist is just the right person to go to. S/he will not only diagnose the root cause of your hair loss but will also develop a plan of treatment to meet your needs.

2. For scalp problems

Scalp problems include dandruff and certain inflammatory conditions. Hair loss and scalp issues are both symptoms of some underlying issue/s. For instance, diet, stress, food allergies, and hair products can be the reasons behind scalp problems like the shedding of dead skin cells and inflammatory conditions.

In this case, a trichologist can help determine the cause – excessive dryness, too much oil, or harsh hair care products. The hair specialist will also provide the much-required guidance to remedy the problem.

3. For hair texture problems

Poor hair texture can also be a subject of concern, especially when the texture is highly spoiled. This can result from exposure to harsh chemicals, excessive heat, and many other strains and stresses that our hair gets subjected to.

A trichologist is not just an expert in the medical science of hair and scalp but also specializes in the cosmetic area. They’ll guide you to reduce or eliminate hair texture issues too. One may note here, that this kind of overlapping training is usually not found among doctors and hairdressers, which makes trichologists uniquely qualified.

4. Other reasons

Besides the above-mentioned reasons, one may also consult a Trichologist In Mumbai for hair thinning, breakage, burning, or itching in the scalp, or any other noticeable change in the hair and/or scalp. The experts are worth a consultation.

The Role Of A Trichologist Better Explained

A trichologist deals with all aspects of human hair and scalp problems. They examine the hair and scalp, diagnose the issue, and give an effective solution. Determination of the root cause helps them also guide you on the best products for hair.

A trichologist will ask you for details about the cosmetics you use and any similar experiences/issues in the past. Then they’ll suggest topical medications or ultraviolet and infrared therapies. They may also prescribe medications for nutritional deficiencies like multivitamins for hair loss due to lack of nutrients.

How Does A Trichologist Differ From A Dermatologist?

A trichologist, as discussed, is one who works on the science as well as the physiology of hair and scalp. S/he uses topical medication to treat hair problems and aims at maintaining the hair and scalp health of the person. Trichologists also help you get thick and fuller hair by diagnosing and treating hair follicles. However, they do not perform surgeries.

On the other hand, a dermatologist is one who diagnoses and treats several skin-related issues like skin cancer, tumors, seborrhoea, and many other infectious diseases. S/he focuses on the problems of the skin and is hence helpful only when the patient’s problem like hair loss is one related to the skin of the scalp. Dermatologists treat hair and skin-related issues by using derma fillers and small-scale needling for issues like acne, string veins, and dermatitis.

Who Should You Choose?

A dermatologist does treat hair problems like hair loss but does not always carry out a thorough examination of your scalp. A trichologist, on the contrary, takes a full hair history of the patient and checks the scalp for signs of inflammation, pimples, lesions, and damaged hair follicles for further analysis.

When it comes to treatment options, dermatology specialists are allopathic physicians who use medical therapies, antifungal creams, and steroids. They will, at maximum, perform a biopsy to diagnose your form of alopecia, but that won’t be enough to solve the hair loss problem.

That’s where the trichologist comes in. A Trichologist In Mumbai uses a holistic approach to treat hair loss, such as using nutritional supplements, low-level laser therapy, scalp therapy products, and even traditional methods. When required, a trichologist can partner with a medical doctor to run blood tests to further understand the patient’s condition.

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A trichologist is a specialized doctor for your hair and scalp-related problems. It is clear from the above-mentioned data that choosing a trichologist in Mumbai will always keep you on the more beneficial side in terms of treatment of all hair-related problems.