What Are the Best Treatment Options for Thinning Hair?

What Are the Best Treatment Options for Thinning Hair

Each day, you see yourself in the mirror, so you may not see the subtle changes that develop over time until they become impossible to ignore. Widening part, receding hairline, and overall hair thinning will take time to develop and once they do, they may be hard to reverse. Everyone needs lustrous hair, but unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want. Thinning hair is caused by a combination of factors, some of which you cannot control. There are many clinics that offer the best hair transplant in Mumbai with best latest technology. Here are some lists about what are the best treatment options for thinning hair.


The research says that micro-needling will work best if you use it along with the other hair loss treatment. A device with a number of needles that you see on your scalp will help your hair grow. You can also purchase one of these devices without any prescription, but you need to search for the best hair transplant clinic near me and speak to the dermatologist first. They help to let you know it is safe for your hair, and they can also recommend a specific micro-needling device.

Minoxidil Treatment:

Get the hair transplant treatment in Mumbai with the best specialty hospital. This comes in 2 percent to 6 percent treatments. People will apply the product directly to the area where you are facing the thinning hair. This is very effective and safe for androgenetic alopecia. It takes 5 to 12 months for hair growth to improve very effectively. People who are taking this treatment will have to keep continuous permanently, or hair loss will reoccur. 

Hair Transplant:

This surgery can give you long-lasting results. This surgery will remove the individual hairs or a strip of the skin with hairs from one part of your scalp and transplants them to thinning or balding areas. This will take up to 4 to 8 hours, according to the doctors. Immediately you need to speak with hair transplant doctors in Mumbai to find out the right treatment for you. The professionals will give a customized treatment plan, inform you if you are eligible for the process, and receive results. Also, the Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai will depend on the number of sessions required and the techniques used to perform the hair transplantation.

Scalp Massage:

The cheapest process of getting thick hair is a scalp massage. It does not cost anything, and there are no side effects for your scalp. When you wash the hair, gently apply the pressure with your fingertips around the scalp to encourage your blood flow in the scalp. You can also try a handheld scalp massager to remove and eliminate the dead particles for more advantages. Scalp massage with natural herbal extracts can be tried for some time but if home remedies don’t give you results in a month or two do not waste much time and seek the help of the best trichologist in Mumbai.

Essential Oils:

They are liquids derived from certain plants, and they are used in aromatherapy and other different types of alternative medicine. According to some research, lavender oil has been used with success by some people with pattern baldness. This is always combined with other types like those are made from rosemary. Still, there is no evidence that essential oils can treat thinning air. If you decide to give this treatment, make sure you teat a tiny amount of the oil on the arm and wait for some hours to see if any reaction creates. Rashes, redness will be the indicator for an allergic reaction.

Bottom Line:

Finally, the process of thinning hair can be concerning, and at first, it is likely treatable. If you continuously face hair loss, it may be the right time to speak to the Hair Loss Doctor in Mumbai These are the above-explained details about what are the best treatment options for thinning hair.