Ultimate Guide On PRP Vs Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair Transplant

Are you suffering from hair loss? If it’s the case, you have to look for the best hair loss treatment to solve the problem. There are majorly two types of solutions to hair loss, PRP transplant and hair transplant. We will have to discuss PRP vs Hair Transplant to get an idea about which is going to be a better treatment for you.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a very commonly used term and you must have seen that many people suffering from hair loss tend to take this treatment. It is short for hair transplantation and can best be described as a surgical technique. The job here is pretty clear-cut. Under the process of hair transplantation, the hair will be extracted from the parts where they are in abundance and put to the bald area. When we talk about PRP vs Hair Transplant,  the latter is considered a very normal treatment. You don’t even have to stay overnight to get the treatment done. The treatment takes somewhere between 4 to 8 hours before everything is done. The aftereffects of this treatment are not much but you’re still advised to rest for a couple of days after the procedure. You will most likely be given antibiotics in case the area starts to itch or you face headaches. As long as you choose the right specialists for the treatment, you are going to recover quickly from the process. But what are the odds that you get permanent hair all over your head? The chances are very slim but the treatment can take care of the bald area. 

PRP Treatment

Now we move on to the PRP treatment. It is simply referred to as PRP hair restoration. It is considered to be a treatment taken up by very few patients since the PRP treatment cost in Mumbai is far more. The doctors use this treatment so that they can accelerate healing in certain areas of the body. While hair transplantation is done on a common basis by people who are facing hair loss due to common problems, PRP treatment is meant for those who are experiencing some sort of illness or issues. The illness might have caused the hair growth to slow down in some areas. To accelerate the hair growth in that particular part of your head, you have to go for this treatment irrespective of the PRP treatment cost in Mumbai. The illness can take a turn at any given point in time so you have to be ready to take up the PRP treatment as soon as it’s possible for you. 
As far as the PRP vs Hair Transplant debate goes, it will depend upon the particular situation of a patient. If a large part of your head has gone bald, you should be going for a hair transplant. But in case you’re suffering from a condition that is causing issues to you, it’s better to consider PRP treatment irrespective of the PRP treatment cost in Mumbai. In order for any of the procedures to be a success, you have to follow the precautions nicely!