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Can Hair Loss happen Due to Stress?

In a metro city like Mumbai, many are suffering from stress related disorders. Hair loss is one of the commonest problems faced by every individual at some point of time and in most cases its related to the stress. We get many patients looking for treatments for hair loss due to stress in Mumbai. The reason for stress could be various like deadlines at work place, competitive environment, demanding studies, relationship problems, loss of near and dear one, family problems etc.

Hair Loss Due to Stress
Stress can cause hair loss

Hair loss due to stress happens in most of the cases due  to a number of factors. One of the main reasons is that stress, through a complex route, increases your adrenaline hormone production. Adrenaline can raise cholesterol and cholesterol can get converted into androgens or male hormones. Testosterone is a male hormone (androgen) that has tremendous impact on hair growth, often causing hair loss and/or thinning in people who have sensitive follicles which attract circulating levels. However, too-high levels can also impede  the hair growth cycle, especially in women.

Another point to be considered  is that during the stressful period, we do not take good care of ourselves as we should. We may skip meals or not take proper diets leading to many nutritional deficiencies, iron deficiency, protein deficiency, meals containing few calories or too many calories.Diet plays a vital role in hair growth. During stress the digestion and absorption of food may also get affected thus leading to different kinds of deficiencies and hair loss.

Furthermore, stress makes us more susceptible to the illness and acute problems like, high fever or stomach infections which can add extra stress on the body thus sending growing hair prematurly into falling stage and you may experience increased shedding of hair after two months of the acute illness or high stress period. Stress can also trigger itchy and flaky scalp with hair loss.

Treatment of Hair Loss Due to Stress:

Unfortunately, there is no total cure for follicle sensitivity, and so the best ways to treat and improve stress and hair loss due to stress is to use preventative measures. We recommend reducing your stress levels with following-

Yoga, meditation, pilates or moderate exercise.

Mindfulness has also shown to be very effective, providing tools for coping with day-to-day stress and feelings of being anxious.

You may also want to talk to your doctor about alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, drugless or natural supplements been incredible with 79% of women finding their hair thicker and fuller after 12 weeks. Used in combination with a healthy diet

In terms of diet, do not skip meals and try to eat at regular intervals with a snack in-between. Well-formulated nutritional supplement can also be very beneficial, providing your body with a boost of essential vitamins and minerals which are required for hair growth and strength. These may also strengthen your immune system function. It is important to note that stress will not cause hair loss immediately. Any hair loss you experience will present itself anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks later depending on your hair growth cycle.

Hair loss due to stress is manageable with right approach and therapies. Some cases will need extra attention than the others. In certain cases genetic hair loss or male pattern thinning or female pattern thinning may be triggered off by stress. Its highly recommended to see a Trichologist in case if waiting and watching has not helped.

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