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Hair loss treatment

Severe hair loss patient improved in a month with the medicines

Hair Recovery Treatment

Patient with extreme hair loss recovered in 2 months

Dandruff Treatment

Patient’s hair loss and dandruff much improved after the medicines

Baldness Treatment in Mumbai India

30 year old male patient is undergoing mesotherapy and PRP therapy at Revital Trichology clinic and has seen thickening of hair growth and reduction in the size of the bald patch after 4 months of treatment.

How to Stop Hair Loss

Male patient 25 years old referred by another patient. He has undergone four sittings of mesotherapy which is virtually painless and gives results after the first sitting itself in most of the cases.Our specialised protocol is fast acting and absolutely safe. Contains no steroids, drugs or hormones and free of any side effects.

Scalp Mesotherapy procedure Mumbai

Patient has undergone four sittings of mesotherapy which is virtually painless and gives results in the first itself by our specialised protocol. Its absolutely safe and natural. Contains no steroids, drugs or hormones.

Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai India

28 year old male patient benefited by nutritional supplements and oral anti DHT supplements with mesotherapy over a period of six months. Patient observed thickening of hair growth as well as arrest of severe hair loss with improved density. He is happy and satisfied with the treatment at Revital Trichology Clinic.

Hair Regrowth Treatment in Mumbai India

The patient has had no result with one year of treatment at another renowned clinic and lost more hair. He started seeing change right after the first month of treatment at our clinic.

How to Regrow Hair on Bald patch

34 year old male patient took treatment from another one of highly advertised clinics for two years without any effect. He was able to see 80% reduction in hair loss immediately after the first mesotherapy at Revital Trichology Clinic and saw hair regrowth with four sessions of advanced PRP, oral supplements and mesotherapy in four months.