Symptoms, Causes, And Prevention Of Hairfall In 2022

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A little shed of hair is common during your everyday hair styling. When the count gradually increases from the usual amount, you must take care of it. First, you have to fix the cause of hair falls, such as stress and lack of nutrition. When you feel that you are close to baldness, then you must meet the best doctor for hair treatment in Mumbai. The doctor there will find the actual cause of your hair fall and will treat you with proper care.


Hair fall can come out in different ways, depending on the cause and symptoms. Sometimes you may face hair falling suddenly or gradually, which may affect your scalp or whole body. You can involve treatment at a hair clinic in Mumbai based on the following signs and symptoms:

Gradual Thinning Of Hair

Gradual thinning is faced commonly by almost every type of hair loss. This kind of hair fall might be common due to age or health situation. This type of hair loss in men often starts falling from the hairline on the forehead. Women get broadening in a particular part of their hair. You can witness a receding hairline in women with their elder age, and this type of hair loss is called ad frontal fibrosing alopecia. You can easily reduce this with the help of hair fall specialists in Mumbai and their treatment according to your symptoms.

Bald Spots

Bald spots are a type of loss where both men and women have hair loss at a certain circular or patchy bald spots on the scalp, which also happens to eyebrows or beards. A hair fall doctor in Mumbai is the best solution to bring back hair on your bald spots.

Excessive Hair Shedding

This type of hair loss might happen due to certain physical reasons or emotional shock. During this situation, you can face a Handful of hair that might come after every hairstyle and washing.

Body Hair Loss

Sometimes hair loss might be the effect of medical treatment. This type of hair loss can be seen all over your body. Usually, this type of medical hair loss can re-grow after a certain period.


Hereditary Hair Loss

Hair loss with male and female often happens due to hereditary condition that happens at any age. This hair loss condition is termed androgenic alopecia, a kind of male and female pattern baldness. Aging

Everyone faces a certain amount of hair loss when they grow old, and this happens to most people when their growth rate gets reduced. This is due to a lack of hair follicles growth.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss situation that happens due to a lack of a proper immune system. Due to lack of immunity, your hair follicles might get weak, resulting in heavy hair loss. You can solve this by maintaining a proper immune system.

Pregnancy Or Illness

The variety of health conditions during pregnancy or illness might result in permanent or temporary hair loss on your scalp. Usually, this type of hair fall condition comes under two different types, namely alopecia areata or trichotillomania.

Excess Hair Care or Hairstyling

Every single inch of your hair will face more strain and damage during your everyday hair styling. You have to provide them with proper hair care. If not, it might result in regular hair fall, which ends with baldness. This type of hair fall, which is caused due to excess zero hair care, is termed traction alopecia.

Imbalance Of Hormones

The case of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal imbalance that leads to heavy hair fall. This leads to ovary cysts, hair loss and various other symptoms.


Certain kinds of hair-fall during late ages cannot be handled with treatments. Rather than that, almost every hair fall situation has effective treatment, which you can avail yourself of at the best hair care hospitals worldwide.

Bottom Line:

Hair is always the most important factor for facial beauty. So you must pay attention to maintain this after gaining proper knowledge of symptoms and causes.