Reasons for Hair Fall Treatment due to Hormonal Imbalance

The word hormones are derived from a Greek word horman which means to excite or stir up. So it is common that the hormones are associated with many health issues. Hair needs protein and the hormones are the protein messenger which is made in one part of the body and effects throughout the system. 

The hormonal imbalance may lead you to hair thinning. So, most of the people undergo hair loss treatment in hormonal imbalance at the early stage itself to prevent further complications. To understand better how these varied imbalances can have an impact, here are the ways and reasons that a hormonal imbalance could lead to hair loss. 


Before menopause, naturally, women get produced with a small amount of testosterone which is balanced by a larger amount of oestrogen. During and after the menopause, the levels of oestrogen fall so the related effect of testosterone increases. 

The testosterone is converted into a stronger hormone called dihydrotestosterone, within the hair follicles. This can inactivate the hair follicles and leads to hair loss and hair thinning.  


Hair follicles have some active cells in the body, which requires the supply of oxygen regularly, vitamins, minerals and proteins. The stress hormones make the compact blood vessels that are supplying blood to your follicles to constrict. So the blood is diverted away from the skin to muscles. 

This less flow of nutrients can make your hair look dull with lack of lustre and limp. You lose more hair than usual as this stress also synchronises your hair’s natural lifecycle, so they enter the shedding phase. This phenomenon can lead a person to appear greyer quite soon. 


Due to high levels of growth factors, increased blood circulation and hormones, the pregnancy is frequently associated with luxuriant hair growth. As the levels of these growth factors and circulating hormones plummet, it is normal to lose a significant amount of hair after giving birth. Lots of hairs fall at the same time and lead to noticeable hair loss as the lifecycle of the hair follicles is synchronized. 

Underactive thyroid

The metabolic rate and the speed at which the cell works are regulated by the thyroid hormone. It also includes the cells that are functioning within your hair follicles. When very few thyroid hormones are produced it can make your hair to look brittle, dry and noticeably finer. The hair loss treatment in thyroid imbalance is able to control your hair fall. 

Polycystic ovary syndrome

The polycystic ovary syndrome is commonly known as PCOS is a normal female condition on which the small cysts are formed on the ovary. The high levels of testosterone are produced by this imbalance which can cause acne, oily skin, excess facial hair and scalp hair thinning. Proper hair treatment can balance this imbalance. 

The solution for hair fall control related to hormonal imbalance

Hair is ideal for everyone, it creates a complete look. Most of the women prefer to have long and denser hair. You may know that the people in Mumbai have long, shiny hair. At once they notice hair damage or loss they pay special attention to it. The hair loss treatment in Mumbai is also highly effective and cost-efficient. Hormonal imbalances can be only treated by the professionals.

They recommend knowing the reason for the hair problem as a first thing, only by knowing this you can get a permanent solution. It is wiser to get a medical approach for a hair problem, avoid assuming it by yourself. There are specific hair treatments for each and every hair condition so getting service from the professional is the only best thing that you can do for your hair. 

Bottom line

The hormonal imbalances can lead your hair to a dangerous condition. There are lots of possible hair treatments that are offered by professionals. You can make use of it to have assured and quality benefits.