PRP for Hair Loss: Efficacy, Safety, and Cost

Early balding in Indians has been a case of study for trichologists for years.  Experts presume that though there are various reasons for balding, the most common and easily identifiable reasons are stress, living conditions, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle and lack of nutrition. While the reasons are different in every case, the treatments are also plenty.  Medications, topical applications, scalp therapies, and even surgeries are some of the options to cope up with the problem of hair loss. However, the most effective and the most recent treatment method is platelet-rich plasma treatment or PRP treatmentIn the last few years, PRP treatment has become popular in India especially in urban cities like Mumbai. At our Trichology clinics, you can get the best PRP hair treatments in Mumbai. PRP treatment cost in Mumbai varies from clinic to clinic, the procedures and types of equipment used and the concentration of the platelets achieved in the plasma.

What is PRP treatment?

It is an absolute risk-free treatment method with minimum discomfort. The process involves drawing blood from the patient’s arms and then injecting it to the scalp. The blood is processed to separate the red blood cells from the plasma before supplying it to the hair follicle. The process can take usually up to an hour or two and the patient can get on with his/her regular activities immediately after undergoing PRP treatment.  It is a highly effective treatment method for most men and women suffering from hair loss ranging from all ages. With highly encouraging results, PRP treatment is gaining popularity all over the world. 

The outcome and efficacy

The results usually can be visible in just two to three months.  The decreased hair fall and improved hair growth can be noticed soon. The important factor is the consistency of the treatment as advised by the trichologists.  Normally, the treatment lasts for three to four months, however, it may vary depending upon the patient’s response to PRP treatment. It is a highly efficient treatment plan for hair loss especially if you are young. Doctors also suggest PRP treatment for certain skin conditions and tissue healing, improve facial lines, melasma, also for antiaging treatments wherein it increases the collagen production thus enabling a younger looking fresh skin. 

Is PRP treatment safe?

 PRP treatments are safe and the discomfort is minimal if done by an expert. Those who are heavy smokers or alcoholics are usually advised to stay away from PRP treatments. There may be some contraindications for PRP treatment and your Trichologist will be able to evaluate if you are a candidate for the PRP treatment or not. The treatment is also rejected for patients with allergies and infections depending upon whether it is acute or negligible. 

Is PRP treatment affordable?

The PRP treatment cost in Mumbai depends on a number of factors such as the quality of the clinic and trichologists, the equipment they use and the extra nutrients added to the injected red blood cells. Also, various clinics use different preparations and injection techniques which also effects the cost. The cost can vary between 4000 to 15000 INR depending on the techniques utilized.  Revital Trichology in Mumbai provides the PRP hair treatment in Mumbai and also offers seasonal discounts or package discounts from time to time.