How Can Thyroid Cause Hair Loss – Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know about Thyroid Cause Hair Loss
Everything You Need To Know
about Thyroid Cause Hair Loss

To understand how the thyroid cause hair loss, we need to understand the connection between the thyroid glands with the hair on our head. 

A thyroid gland is aggravated when it produces too many hormones or doesn’t produce them at all. The two conditions are called Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. 

  • Hyperthyroidism is the overactive gland that causes side effects like weight loss and anxiety and leads to thyroid problem cause hair loss.
  • Hypothyroidism is the underactive gland that causes side effects like weight gain and weakness. 

The common condition seen as a side effect in both the stages of the glands is hair thinning and hair loss. Hair tends to become brittle, which leads to split ends and breakage.

How Is Thyroid And Hair Loss Connected?

It may seem odd that a change in the condition of thyroid glands should affect one’s hair quality. 

  • The process of hormone production is disordered in the body. 
  • Hair follicles hold the hair strands nourished by the oil glands and the blood vessels underneath the scalp. It makes the hair healthy and shiny. 
  • The interruption of hormone production like T3 and T4 causes other mechanisms of the body to get stalled. For example, the growth of new hair out of the follicle. 
  • So, while the old hair is falling, there is no new hair to take its place. It gradually leads to hair thinning on different parts of the scalp. 
  • During such conditions of thyroid glands, autoimmune diseases like Alopecia are common among patients. In this, patches of hair loss are visible on the scalp. 
  • Thyroid medication may result in hair thinning and hair loss. 

Thyroid Disease Symptoms 

To understand if your changing hair condition is the result of thyroid problem cause hair loss, here are some common symptoms seen in this condition. 

  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability. 
  • Fatigue and tiredness, and insomnia.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Menstruation irregularities. 
  • Weight change abnormalities – gain or loss.
  • Excessive dry skin and hair.
  • Sporadic memory failure and inability to pay attention. 

Consult a doctor immediately if you experience one or more of these symptoms which leads to thyroid hair loss female. Prescribed blood tests will be required to make an accurate diagnosis. 

Thyroid Hair Loss Treatment 

If you have a thyroid condition for thyroid hair loss regrowth that may be affecting your hair, it is a temporary situation. 

  • The hair loss condition is completely reversible contrary to fears among people that their hair is lost.
  • After thyroid medication, the hormonal balance will bring back the hair growth on your scalp. 
  • Thyroid treatment often requires surgery in addition to medication. 
  • It may take a few months to restore hair growth and replenish lost hair. 
  • Iron intake should improve. The body’s iron reserves affect the functioning of the hormonal balance. 
  • Taking multivitamins daily on your doctor’s prescription may be beneficial for hair growth and overall scalp health. 
  • You must have a protein-enriched diet. 
  • Stress and anxiety control are necessary to restore hair health. Aside from medication that your doctor may suggest, you may adopt a few wellness activities like meditation and yoga. 

Hair Therapies 

You may try hair therapy treatments for thyroid hair loss regrowth. These are effective nutritional treatments that are gently given to affected areas of the scalp. 

  • The thyroid controls the amount of oxygen the body will use. Any imbalance may interrupt this supply to the scalp causing disturbances. Hair therapies stimulate blood circulation and oxygen supply to the hair follicles. 
  • It will rejuvenate the cells and stimulate new hair growth. 
  • Hair regrowth therapies offer the renewal of permanent hair growth. 
  • Detoxification therapy will be helpful too. It will enable the removal of all toxins and cleanse the scalp preparing for new hair growth. 

Other Remedies

The connection between thyroid disease and thyroid hair loss female is temporary. It is a completely reversible process. 

  • Pay close attention to diet and a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Be gentle in handling your hair. Use mild hair care products. Do not use artificial heat.
  • Watch your natural iodine intake through food. Iodine contributes to making thyroid hormones in the body. Any imbalance in such production needs avoidance. Consult your doctor about this. 
  • Patience and a stress-free mind are essential. 


Assumptions are dangerous. If you are suffering sudden hair loss, it can be due to various factors. At no point should you assume a medical condition without tests and medical opinion and choose medication. 

Thyroid disease is a severe condition that can be cured only by a doctor’s prescribed medication. To prevent any damage to your hair growth, you must Consult a Doctor first.