Hairfall Treatment Mumbai

Hair Fall Treatment

Revital Trichology Provides Effective Hairfall Treatment for Men and Women For Various Hair & Scalp Problems like Hair fall, Dandruff problem, Hair Loss Due To Various Other Reasons.

Hair Fall Overview

Hairfall is one of the commonest problem a person will have at one point in life. Hairfall or hair thinning can happen due to various internal and external factors. Hair is the barometer of your health and hair loss is just an external symptom of something wrong internally.

We Offer Various Hairfall Treatment Options for Men and Women

Effective hairfall treatment for men and women and assured results without any side effects are now possible at the best cost. We have been consistent in giving effective hairfall treatment results and our patients were more than willing to come forward and share their experiences with the world so that more hair fall suffers could benefit from the same and grow their lost hair once again.

Hair fall treatment in Mumbai

Hair Fall Treatment & Services Offered By Trichology Clinic in Mumbai

  • Hair and scalp Analysis by the best Doctor
  • Advanced Hair supplement for boosting hair growth
  • Mesotherapy for all kinds of hairfall
  • PRP to stimulate hair follicles and boost hair regrowth
  • Hair Transplant in advanced cases of hairfall
  • Therapeutic shampoos and conditioners
  • Nutritional Supplements for faster hair growth
  • Anti DHT supplements for Androgenetic Alopecias
  • Natural hair growth therapies from the best specialist
  • Natural and herbal supplements to boost hair growth


Revital Trichology clinic in Mumbai, India offers all the latest therapies under one roof for hair fall solution in women. For a detailed consultation call us on 9322681717 or write to us at

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