Hair Nutrition: Myths & Facts

Nowadays many people are suffering from hair problems like hair fall, hair greying, etc. Many misconceptions regarding hair development are untrue and all these ideas are believed by many peoples. They blindly follow what seems to be common knowledge but many myths about hair growth are false. Everyone is concerned about keeping their hair as healthy and strong as possible. Here are some misconceptions and facts regarding hair problems that everyone should be aware of. 

Myth – Hair Grows Faster After a Haircut


Your hair grows out from the scalp rather than the tips so trimming your hair every 6 weeks has nothing to do with how fast or slow your hair will sprout. On the other hand, split ends will make your hair appear to grow more slowly so many people will advise you to cut your end hair. If you find dry or broken ends it is an excellent choice to have your hair ends micro-trimmed but it will not cause your hair to grow quicker. 

Myth – Brush 100 Strokes a Day for Healthy Hair


Brushing is nothing but a form of friction that will damage all hair and make them weak if it is done in excess. The fact is brushing stimulates scalp circulation and helps to distribute natural oils from roots to tips but only a few strokes with a natural bristle brush on dry hair does it. You can also undergo mesotherapy for hair loss which is a procedure of providing the scalp with the boost of vitamins and enhance blood flow for hair regrowth.

Myth – Losing 100 hair a Day is Normal


Many people believe losing 100 hair per day is normal which is not the right measure to evaluate hair loss. It is normally only when they are able to regrow as much hair as they are losing. Sometimes even with 30 to 50 strands loss per day one may start seeing the scalp. 

Myth – Plucking of One Grey hair May Result in Multiple Grey Hairs


Many people say that plucking one grey hair will result in multiple grey hairs sprouting from the scalp but the fact is the colour of hair is due to melanin in the hair follicle. Only when cells stop producing melanin pigment will your hair turn grey or white. So plucking of one grey hair will not increase their number. 

Myth – Cutting Hair by the Moon Speeds its Growth


Many people believe that cutting hair under a waxing moon promotes growth but the fact is your hair does not grow back more strongly after its cut at any time. Your hair will grow faster in the summer because, during cold, blood is diverted to internal organs to maintain body temperature which decreases blood flow to the scalp. In warm weather, enhanced circulation to the skin enhances follicle activity and helps to increase the hair growth rate. 

Myth: Dirtier Your Hair is the Faster it Will Grow


Few people think that less washing and styling means fewer chances for breakage, right? But skipping a shower for longer hair is a silly myth that will only make you greasy and not help you to get longer and good-looking hair in any way. It will only lead to severe hair loss and damages. 

Myth – Shampooing Causes Hair Loss


Many people say that shampooing causes hair loss but the truth is shampoo cannot make your hair grow faster and won’t cause your hair to fall out. Shampooing does not do both things; it will only clean your scalp and keep your hair healthy. 

To Sum It Up
As you have seen above, following any of these myths will not help you in hair growth in any way. There is some fact behind every myth so whenever you hear about anything like this, instead of following it blindly, take your time, do your own research and try to find the facts.