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Hair Growth Factor Therapy

Hair growth Factor Therapy is the latest addition to the list of treatments available today for men and women for hair regrowth. This is a lab made mixture of various growth factors and nutrients helping scalp hair follicles gain strength, causing neovascularization and cell proliferation thus increasing the follicle size and resulting in regrowth and thickening of hair.
It is much superior than PRP treatment as the growth factors present in HGFT are many fold concentrated and contain additional growth factors and boosters. It is also a much convenient alternative to PRP therapy and takes a maximum of 10 minutes without the use of any anesthesia and has no downtime. Hair Growth Factor Therapy is clinically tested for its efficacy and safety and does not need your blood or any body tissue to be processed in order to obtain the growth factors. Patients will generally need one session once every 3 to 4 weeks for about a total of 8 sessions to reach their full capacity of hair regrowth.