Do Hair Transplants Leave Behind Any Scars?

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When you start suffering from hair loss, you will look for treatment for the cause. The most common choice is to go for a hair transplant in Mumbai. It is usually considered a very safe method, and the treatment doesn’t take a lot of time to be complete. But people are curious whether it leaves a scar on your head or not. When we look at PRP vs hair transplant, the former technique has more chances of bringing side effects to you. There are times when hair transplant can leave behind scars as well. You can choose the services of the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai, and it might still lead to spots on your head. 

If the scars are too big, you will have to look for a method to remove them from your head. While medications may work too, you might need to implicate better ways for the cause at times. Here are some of the ways that can work well to remove the scars: 

Scalp Micropigmentation

Simply referred to as SMP, it is also referred to as scalp hair tattooing. It is a permanent procedure that needs to be conducted by the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai. It is a lengthy process as the pigment matches your hair colour is selected. After that, it is injected into the scalp directly. It will give an excellent impression of thicker hair on your head. This method works well to eliminate the scars that are left behind. So if the hair transplant surgery led to spots on your head, you have to try this treatment to ensure that scattered areas are left behind. 


It is shortly referred to as TMP. It is considered a temporary form of SMP. As we have already discussed, scalp micro-pigmentation is quite a lengthy procedure. If you don’t want to go through this treatment, you should refer to TMP to get rid of scars on your head. It comes with semi-permanent inking. In this procedure, the ink will be injected into the top layer of the dermis. The duration can be as small as six months too. If you choose the right hair transplant doctor in Mumbai, you can expect it to be done as soon as possible. 

Laser Therapy

The following treatment included under hair transplant surgery is laser therapy. It is a combination of the two methods that we have discussed over here. As far as the impact is concerned, laser therapy proves to be the most eventful. It can help you decrease the appearance of scars to a great extent. The laser will target the scar surface and make sure that the damaged skin is eliminated. The skin appearance will be improved as well. The method is costly, especially when you hire the services of a renowned hair transplant doctor in Mumbai. But it is bound to have significant effects in a short period. 

So if the surgery has left scars on your head, there’s no need to panic. You can choose any of the given methods and get it treated!