Dandruff Problem Treatment In Mumbai

How To Treat Dandruff problem?

Dandruff’s itchiness and flaking are virtually always manageable. To lessen oil and skin cell buildup and treat moderate dandruff, try routinely washing your hair with a light shampoo. If that doesn’t work, try using a medicated dandruff shampoo. Also you can take best treatment for dandruff and hair loss. For some individuals, medicated shampoo can be used twice weekly, with regular shampoo applied on additional days as necessary. People with drier hair would benefit from less frequent shampooing and a moisturizing conditioner for their hair or scalp dandruff problem solution.

Products for the hair dandruff treatment come in the form of solutions, foams, gels, sprays, ointments, and oils, both medicated and nonmedicated. You should test out a few different products to find the routine that works for you. And you’ll probably require ongoing or prolonged dandruff treatment in Mumbai.

If you experience itching or irritation after using any product, stop using it. Seek treatment for dandruff if you share any symptoms of an allergic response, such as a rash, hives, or breathing difficulties.

Shampoos for dandruff hair fall are categorized based on the medication they include. Some are accessible by prescription in more potent forms.

Signs and Symptoms of Dandruff problem

The most obvious sign that someone may have dandruff is the distinct white areas on the scalp made up of dead skin flakes that fall out in your hair dandruff treatment. The Manual lists other symptoms:

  • The scalp may occasionally itch.
  • Scales on the scalp that are oily or dry
  • Along the hairline, there are scaly, raised, yellow to reddish bumps.

Causes and Risk Factors of Dandruff problem?

Many things can cause dandruff to appear. You should visit to the best doctor for dandruff treatment.

Seborrheic dermatitis: According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, you may have a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis (SD) if you have highly terrible scalp dandruff treatment. According to the National Eczema Association, SD is a chronic form of eczema that mainly affects body parts that produce the most sebum or oil for the best treatment for dandruff.

Contact dermatitis: A rash that is itchy and possibly painful results from skin irritation brought on by an allergen or an irritant. And the scalp displays that reaction when there is dandruff. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, hair care, dandruff treatment in Mumbai or coloring products are frequently at fault for this.

Dry skin: Dandruff may be brought on by dry skin if the chilly winter air dries out your skin, including your scalp. The flakes produced by dry skin are often smaller and less oily than those produced by SD. (Also, according to the Cleveland dandruff treatment clinic, cold and arid regions can worsen SD.)

Treatment for Dandruff problem

The use of dandruff shampoo and scalp dandruff treatment is the most efficient dandruff treatment. Follow these dermatologist guidelines to get the best results. :

Observe the directions on the bottle of dandruff shampoo. There are numerous dandruff shampoo varieties, and each one has a unique active component for managing symptoms. For optimal results of dandruff problem solution, always adhere to the bottle’s instructions.

Use dandruff shampoo twice a week if you are Caucasian or Asian, and shampoo every day otherwise. If using one dandruff shampoo does not relieve your symptoms, experiment with other dandruff shampoos that contain different active components.

Use a dandruff shampoo only once or twice a week . Consult a dermatologist who has achieved board certification to acquire the finest product suggestions for your hair type.

Why Choose Us?

You don’t need to do anything special before your appointment to get your dandruff diagnosed with dandruff specialist. For the best doctor for dandruff treatment at Revital Trichology, dandruff treatment clinic, can identify your dandruff by examining your skin and scalp. Bring the bottles of new hair care products you’ve started using to the appointment with dandruff specialist, or be ready to discuss them with the doctor for best treatment for dandruff and hair loss. This will help the doctor determine the reason for your dandruff.


Hair loss is not always caused by dandruff. However, severe dandruff might cause someone to scratch their head so vigorously that they harm it. Recurrent hair follicle inflammation can damage scar tissue, which can slow or stop hair growth.

Due to several circumstances, Dandruff problem can become more bothersome in the winter: Temp. of the air. The drying effects of the chilly winter air and warm indoor environments can wreak havoc on the skin's moisture balance.


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