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Causes of hair loss

There are many causes of hair loss.Your hair could be thinning for various reasons or combination of reasons.  In general terms, some of the most common reasons for hair loss or thinning are:

  1. Genetics
  2. Illness
  3. Poor Diet
  4. Stress
  5. Medications
  6. Pregnancy/ Childbirth
  7. Overuse of styling aids
  8. Hormonal  Imbalance
  9. Nutritional deficiencies
  10. Hair shaft Defects

 A thorough consultation with a Certified Trichologist who specializes in hair and scalp science can help you find out the exact reason of your hair loss out of various causes of hair loss.

According to conservative estimates, hair loss affects over 40 million men and 20 million women. Thankfully, medical science has made some dramatic breakthroughs that can help you maintain the hair you’ve got left and possibly restore some of your lost locks.

While it is important to mention what are the causes of hair loss, it is equally important to cover what DOES NOT cause hair loss. Scientists have now determined that genetic male and female pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) is NOT caused by poor scalp circulation, ‘clogged’ hair follicles, scalp mites, wearing hats or helmets, despite what late-night infomercials may say.


In men, hair loss can start any time after puberty, usually in the late teens to early 20’s. Typical male pattern hair loss starts as a recession of the hairline with some thinning in the crown. This can eventually progress over years or decades, to the familiar ‘monk’s ring’ of hair. thought to be caused by excessive amount of a testosterone by-product called DHT in the system.

Treatment with antidht agents systematically (in the blood)  locally (on the scalp) can halt the further progress of the disease and advanced stages of baldness and can bring back the lost hair if the hair follicles are alive.

The Trichologists are also seeing increasing numbers of younger women with genetic hair loss. Earlier the onset was in their early 40’s but now a days females in early twenties are also exhibiting the pattern hair loss. Yes, women go bald too!!  

Treatments for female genetic thinning usually means hormonal therapy in the form of either phytoestrogens or antiandrogens which are safe, natural and druglessMesotherapy, PRP therapy and hair transplant in extreme cases can be considered in both men and women hair loss.

Dr Rekha Yadav who is a Certified Trichologist from International Association Of Trichologists , Australia says that high intake of animal fat is also associated with high levels of DHT. And contrary to the normal belief she advises to shampoo frequently if one has an oily scalp with thinning hair.

Shampooing can reduce surface sebum, which contain high levels of testosterone and DHT that may reenter the skin and affect the hair follicle.

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