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Can blood tests for hair loss point to the diagnosis?

Blood test can supply important information in cases of thinning hair and hair loss in both men and women. Ideally, the blood test should be taken after 12 hrs fast without any breakfast before 11 am in the morning.

Follow up blood  tests should be taken at nearly the same time and conditions for evaluation and comparison of the results after starting the therapy. This helps in adjusting or changing the supplement doses for better results. Revital Trichology has a number of ‘blood profiles’ that is recommend in depending on the history and signs and symptoms found during consultations.

On an average the blood reports are available in three to four days and in some cases they may be ordered on a priority basis for Trichologist evaluation so that the treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Which blood tests for hair loss are important?

You may be tested for vitamins, minerals and hormones. Sometimes ultrasonography may also be recommended in some cases if pathological changes are suspected in any organ. Scalp biopsy may also be recommended in rare cases. The problem with the female and male hormonal test is that often they fall within the normal limits and you may still show the hormonal hair loss.

The sensitivity of the hair follicles to estrogen and androgens or dihydrotestosterone or dht determines the severity of hair loss even when the levels are normal or subnormal.If you have a genetic predisposition to hair loss, normal levels of circulating hormones get attracted to the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

However, high levels of hormones also will have little or no effect if you do not have a genetic predisposition. Similarly, findings of Vit D, zinc, thyroid, iron, ferritin, B12, folic acid, etc. in the normal range affect some people’s hair follicles more than others’. Sometimes kidney and liver function, protein, cholesterol, sodium and potassium tests may also be required to evaluate the  functioning of organs which may have an effect on your hair.


Your primary care physician or GP may read your blood tests for hair loss differently than a Trichologist.

While your doctor may say that your reports are normal and you continue to shed hair as he is looking for levels which might affect your health not hair which is not vital. There is always a range of values and if you continue to shed hair in spite of the normal values, it may not be normal for you.

There is always an underlying reason for hair loss.

For example your hemoglobin is normal but ferritin may be deficient. Or your ferritin is within normal limits but not at the optimal level for healthy hair. Anything below the optimal level can trigger hair loss.

If you feel you continue to lose your hair inspite of the basic treatment taken or if you have taken blood tests for hair loss and want a revaluation  by Revital Trichology or any further investigation is needed, you can approach us for the expert opinion at our Mumbai clinics or contact us for further details.

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