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What is Scalp Psoriasis?

Psoriasis of scalp presents as a chronic inflammatory disease which causes the skin to thicken producing silver/white or yellow scales. This scalp condition affects 3% approx. of the population. Scalp psoriasis shows no affiliation to gender, race or skin colour. Scalp psoriasis is not contagious but can be passed on genetically. Nails may be affected (pitting or loosening).

In cases of Psoriasis of scalp, skin cells proliferate (mitosis to natural exfoliation) up to 10 times quicker than that of normal skin. A typical skin cycle would last approx 27 – 40 days. In cases of Psoriasis, proliferation can be reduced dramatically depending on severity.

Psoriasis may affect most regions of the body. Patients with visible psoriasis lesions understandably suffer embarrassment and depression. Arthritis may co-exist. Some scalp psoriasis patients suffer arthritis and related functional disability. Arthritis may improve as the skin recovers. Recurrences may be seasonal and may be associated with reduced natural sunlight.

The cause of psoriasis is unknown, but research suggests white blood cell abnormalities trigger rapid skin cell proliferation and exfoliation.

Treatment of Psoriasis of scalp

Topical treatments are shampoos, creams, soaps, oils, etc. that are to be applied on the scalp directly. Certain oral supplements have been beneficial.

Like all other kinds of psoriasis, it is a little difficult to prevent scalp psoriasis. People who are looking to prevent scalp psoriasis would have to adopt the basic methods of sanitation and cleanliness of the scalp.

They should certainly make sure that the scalp is not allowed to become too dry at any point of time. If they start feeling the onset of scalp psoriasis, they should start taking adequate measures against it to make sure that it does not become too big an issue. Using a mild anti psoriasis shampoo for this reason would be beneficial.

There are a few tips for home treatment of psoriasis. This might not be very effective as a stand-alone treatment, but it can speed the recovery process when combined with topical treatment or medication.

 Use olive oil or vitamin E oil on the scalp to keep it from becoming too dry.

Using oil can also make the lesions less itchy.

Making a hair pack of yogurt and bananas would reduce the itchiness of the scalp, once it has been washed off.

Make sure to use a shampoo that is not too harsh for it won’t do to irritate the scalp.

Avoid using brushes as much as you can, only on the scalp. It will be okay to comb your hair.

Psoriasis of scalp may look like other dandruff conditions. For proper diagnosis and treatment of your scalp problem contact us on 9322681717.

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