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Best Hair Fall Treatment in Mumbai – Revital Trichology


It is possible to stop hair loss by more than 50% in the first week itself as per the leading Trichologist in Mumbai, Dr Rekha Yadav.

There is a rise in the number of people looking for best hair loss treatment in Mumbai, which can give them faster results. We have been able to save and promote hair growth in thousands of cases of male pattern thinning, female pattern thinning and other severe cases of hair loss wherein patients were losing more than 20 to 300 hair per day.

Losing even 20 hair per day is not normal as opposed to the common myth of losing 100 hair per day which is considered normal. If your hair density is getting sparse and scalp is becoming more visible than before, losing 20 is also abnormal. It only means you are shedding more hair than what you can regrow.

90% of our patients have achieved more than 50% reduction in their hair loss in the first week itself by our specially designed protocol and therapies after the exact cause of their hair loss is determined.

Patients are not only relieved of the fear of getting bald but also the stress of seeing 100 to 300 hair going down the drain on a daily basis in spite of taking all sorts of treatments and visiting a number of hair specialists when nothing else seemed working.

Achieving control over hair loss in the first week itself is quite encouraging to anyone suffering from it. After that, it becomes easier for the patient and Trichologist both to focus on the hair regrowth and improved density in the next 3 to 4 months.

‘Save your hair while you still have it’ is the key mantra to a head full of hair.

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