Before And After Photos

Case study 1: 27 year old male came with male pattern thinning with excessive hair loss and thinning of hair. He responded well to 3 sessions of mesotherapy and 4 sessions of high concentrated PRP/ Platelet Rich Plasma therapy in a total time period of 4 months.

Case study 2: 51 year old menopausal female came with daily hair loss of 50 to 70 hair strands, frontal thinning, loss of hair volume and length. We achieved hair loss control in 3 weekly sittings of custom tailored mesotherapy along with natural oral supplements and local applications and within 3 months she regained good volume from all over her scalp as well as the length. She is very satisfied with the results and visits once every 1 or 2 months to maintain her results since she is an actress.

Case study 3: 33 year old male came with Androgenetic Alopecia/ Male pattern baldness. His hair loss stabilised and had a hair regrowth from the hair follicles which were alive after a combination therapy of oral supplements, mesotherapy and 3 sessions of highly concentrated PRP in a span of 3.5 months.

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