60 Seconds Hair Loss Test

60 Seconds Hair Loss Test

Revital Trichology Clinic is One of the Best Trichology Clinic providing 60 second hair loss test will tell you if you are experiencing abnormal hair loss.

The sixty second hair count study

The sixty second hair count study was aimed to find out a normal range of shedding during a 60- second hair combing test, in men not experiencing any alopecia or hair loss.

Candidates who took part in the study were between 20 and 60 years and were stage 1 on Norwood Classification scale.


Subjects aged 20 to 40 shed an average of 10.2 hairs with a range of 0-78
Subjects aged 41 to 60 shed an average of 10.3 hairs with a range of 0-43

The procedure to perform the test:

You will need a comb and something to catch the hair like a pillow or sheet
Count every hair fallen on sheet, pillow and the comb and keep a record. Repeat the procedure on three consecutive days, before shampooing and calculate the mean value and find out your average hair loss per day.
This is a better method of determining whether you are experiencing abnormal hair shedding in comparison to the 0 subjects rather than accepting 100 hair loss per day as a normal hair count.

When shall you be worried about hair loss?

  • 1.When your mean hair loss is more than 50 hair per day, you should seek a professional help to determine if this is really a cause of concern.
  • 2.When your scalp is visible even with less than 50 hair per day loss.
  • 3.When you have lost a lot of hair already and you continue to lose. In such a case losing 10 to 20 hair is also significant as many of the hair follicles fail to return in the growth phase and eventually leading to scalp thinning or baldness.

Take the 60 second hair loss test yourself and seek timely expert advice to save and regrow your hair.
‘Losing upto 100 hair per day is normal’- does not hold true any longer and is not the standard in measuring the daily hair loss.


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