10 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

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10 tips to prevent hair loss
Are you sufferring from accelerated hair loss and see hair on the floor, pillow, comb and the drain?

Here are 10 tips to prevent hair loss and guide you to achieve healthier hair in few months.

Accelerated hair loss is an intense condition in which one loses hair faster than normal, and needs to get assessed by your medical professional for thyroid issues, GI malabsportion, or other hormonal imbalances. Place a small amount of your hair in between your thumb and index fingers (20 hairs or so) and pull slowly and firm. If you get more than six hairs in your hand, you may be suffering from accelerated hair loss and should contact your Trichologist for diagnosis.

  1. Revaluate your diet : The saying “for getting healthy, the kind of food you eat is everything” applies to your hair wellbeing, as well. “Hair and scalp issues can emerge from either a lack or an overabundance of supplements in your eating routine,” says Trichologist Dr Rekha Yadav of Revital Trichology, Mumbai . “Your hair cells require a routine and balance of proteins, complex sugars, vitamins, and minerals to work taking care of business.” Avoid great weight reduction too—another regular determinant of hair loss in men and women.
  2. Relax and lower your stress : Elevated stress levels might bring about an increased hair shedding, so it’s required to take measures to handle stress effectively by not overreacting to the situations. Regular meditation and breathing exercises can bring the stress hormones down and help your overall health.
  3. Keep in mind about your scalp: “Infrequent washing empowers dandruff, and studies have demonstrated that dandruff can bring about or fuel male pattern baldness,” Dr Rekha Yadav clarifies. If the dandruff seems tough and does not go away with home remedies and otc products you might need specialised shampoos and toners to clear the infection and scales.
  4. Take your vitamins: Get your fill of the vital scalp and hair vitamins by taking supplements. Include calcium, iron, zinc, gelatin protein, soy protein, and vitamins D, B12, and B6 to your day by day diet.

5. Protect your Hair from Chlorine and Salts
The two chemicals have proved to damage the hair follicles leading to premature balding. Chlorine is used as an antiseptic in tap water and swimming pools. While you cannot shun from taking a shower with tap water, you should consider buying a chlorine-filtering shower head to protect your hair. In case you love swimming, avoid wetting you hair in the pool. A great way to prevent this is wearing a shower cap while in the pool or in the showers

6. Avoid Smoking and Drinking
If cancer is not a good reason to quit smoking, then perhaps hair loss is! Smoking isn’t good for your general health; however it can lead to high hair loss as the carbon monoxide you inhale averts oxygen from travelling through your blood, consequently preventing nutrients from reaching your hair follicles.

Less drinking means less hair loss. It may sound like we’re taking most of your guilty pleasures off your list, but sorry to say that drinking contributes to baldness as well. Alcohol causes the following:

· Impedes zinc absorption
· Causes dehydration which in turn stops the absorption of nutrients
· Brittle hair, increasing hair loss

7. Refrain from Hairstyling Chemicals and other products

According to hair specialists, hair styling and treatment products induce stress onto your hair leading to loss of hair. To make sure that your hair remains intact, you should avoid hair sprays and dyes that enclose chemicals that are likely to damage your hair.

Instead, use natural hair conditioners and shampoo which holds natural ingredients which are generally harmless

8. Include Omega- 3 Fatty Acids in your diet.

Why have Omega 3 fatty acids?

They can easily reach your hair scalp and cell membranes deep into your scalp. This provides nourishment to follicles which not only prevent hair loss but promote its growth. Secondly, they also make your hair more elastic so that they do not break easily. They also cure dry itchy skin, thus preventing dandruff.

What to have?

9.Exercise regularly

Exercise is not just to keep your body fit, it also makes your mind stress free. Any exercise- walking, yoga, swimming, aerobics, playing etc.- release feel-good chemicals in your body keeping whole of your body and mind stress free and healthy.

10. See a specialist: If you know male or female pattern baldness keeps running in the family, it’s justified, to seek an advice of a Trichologist to understand the cause of hair loss and chances of regrowth with the help of some medical aid an early treatment will help you get back most of your hair.