10 Foods Which Reduce the Production of DHT

Hair loss is quite a common issue faced by many men and women across the globe. However, most people dealing with such a condition do not know the real cause of such a condition. The cause of hair loss may be due to the male pattern of baldness or excessive stress and is especially common in males. In most cases, hair fall male treatment may be advised by a Trichologist. In less severe cases, eating certain food items may help reverse the process.

What to eat to reverse hair loss?

At first, let’s see what causes hair loss. A sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced in the prostate. It is synthesized by an enzyme called 5a-reductase in areas like the hair follicles and prostate. The synthesis hampers the proper growth of hair in genetically susceptible follicles. The process is called miniaturization.

So, the most effective way to start is by blocking DHT and preventing it from attaching itself to hair follicles. One of the efficient ways to achieve this is to change your diet. So, the following food items are recommended for blocking DHT and preventing hair loss.

  1. Almonds- Almonds are a rich source of DHT inhibition and are the best place to start. Well, they are not too bad to munch on either.
  2. Cashews- It is another highly nutritious and delicious dry fruit to be taken regularly. Cashews are a rich source of Zinc, which is proven effective in preventing testosterone from converting into DHT. So, it is a great food to prevent further hair loss.
  3. Peanuts- The old-school remedy for blocking DHT. The biotin count and high levels of folate ad molybdenum serve as the perfect combination to block DHT naturally.
  4. Carrots- Carrots are one of the essential weapons in your arsenal of foods to stop 5 alpha re-educate. The high lycopene content makes it the perfect vegetable to prevent the facilitation of hair loss.
  5. Tomatoes- Tomatoes have various health benefits. More importantly, they have high lycopene content. As discussed earlier, Lycopene prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT. So, tomatoes tackle the issue at the root level and give you healthy hair growth.

  1. Eggs- Eggs are well known for their high protein content. However, it is the egg yolk, which helps to create fatty acid. So, the yolk is responsible for healthy hair growth. However, hair fall treatment for men is necessary in extreme cases of hair loss.
  2. Bananas- Bananas are a rich source of biotin and are fit for consumption for people who are not non-vegetarians. Biotin is another vitamin that helps prevent testosterone from converting into active forms of DHT. Bananas also contain potassium, which helps increase blood circulation and bring more nutrients to the scalp. The fruit also contains FOS (fructooligosaccharides), which helps maintain good gut bacteria. Good gut bacteria reduce the overproduction of DHT.
  3. Mangoes- Mangoes are not just delicious; they are also a great source of Lycopene which reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT, considerably. Mangoes are a source of Vitamin C as well. They are known to heal the damaged scalp and Vitamin E, which improves skin. The effects of the fruit are best when eaten raw.
  4. Oysters- Oysters have a high content of Zinc, especially when eaten raw. Thus, they are an ideal addition to a DHT blocking diet. Oysters are also rich in Potassium and Magnesium. These minerals enhance blood circulation and help carry nutrients from the bloodstream to the hair follicles. The item generously offers Iron and various other minerals that are essential for hair, such as Phosphorus, Copper, Calcium, and Selenium. The high level of Vitamin C and E in oysters, also calm and inflamed scalp.
  5. Pumpkin Seeds- The seeds should be at the top of your list of DHT blocking food items. Pumpkin seeds prevent the build-up of DHT in hair follicles since they contain a steroid called Delta-7 Sterine. The seeds are readily available at most health food outlets and pre-packaged as snacks.

Various other items, such as White mushrooms and tuna fish, are exceptional items to add to your diet as well. If these items are not working out, then it is time to go in for hair fall solutions for males. In early cases, the food items mentioned above may be of good use.