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Are you looking for a solution to your hair problems like hair thinning, hair fall, premature greying, dandruff, baldness or various scalp-related problems? Then, look no further. We at Revital Trichology, the reputed hair clinic in Mumbai, provide the Most Recent & Effective Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women Worldwide. We offer surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
At Revital Trichology, one of the Best trichology clinics in Mumbai, we offer pocket-friendly medical treatments for all your hair issues.

Hair Fall In Women

We offer hair fall treatment for women to prevent hair loss and improve hair growth.

Hair Loss In Men

We offer hair fall treatment for men using effective treatments to prevent hair loss and to enhance hair regrowth.

Dandruff Problem

Revital Trichology offers effective solutions for dandruff and many other hair problems. Talk to our expert trichologist for more details on hair care.

Why choose the best trichologist in Mumbai?

A trichologist is a specialist that specialises in treating hair loss and scalp conditions. Individuals with various hair loss types should speak with the best trichologist in Mumbai.


As the Best trichologist in Mumbai, not only offer hair treatments but also focus on analysing and diagnosing hair-related issues. In severe hair problems, to detect the primary root cause for it, a scalp skin biopsy, a blood test, and a physical examination are used to diagnose hair issues differently. We are one of the famous trichologists in Mumbai.


To achieve the greatest results, whether you decide to undergo a hair transplant procedure or just want a standard hair fall treatment, you must choose and consult with a qualified and the best doctor for hair treatment in Mumbai who offers cutting-edge hair loss treatments.


Now, no more looking out for a hair loss clinic near me, make the right choice, visit us now!

Revital Trichology offers Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai. Visit our clinics or speak to our hair specialist to book an appointment.   Read more…
We have been performing PRP therapy for male and female patients experiencing hair loss. Read more…
Revital Trichology Clinic is One of the Best Trichology Clinic providing Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Treatment for both Men and Women in Mumbai.   Read more…
The sixty second hair count study was aimed to find out a normal range of shedding during a 60- second hair combing test, in men not experiencing any alopecia or hair loss. Read more…

Quick Contact

    About Dr. Rekha Yadav

    Dr. Rekha Yadav is top trichologist in Mumbai having over 18 years of expertise and is a Certified Trichologist from the International Association of Trichologists, Australia. She and her colleagues have assisted thousands of people suffering from hair loss both in India and overseas through expert counselling, deft procedures, precise diagnoses, and cutting-edge technologies. The Best hair doctor in Mumbai is known for her outstanding results and great attention to detail.

    What can be expected from a Trichologist in Mumbai?

    A top trichologist in Mumbai will identify and manage diseases and conditions that affect hair development. A trichologist will frequently deal with issues like hair loss or alopecia, dandruff, dry skin, itching, a greasy scalp, etc.


    Once you consult with a hair fall specialist in Mumbai, a thorough diagnosis will be made. During the initial visit, a qualified and efficient trichologist in Mumbai will obtain pertinent data and samples. Your initial appointment with the appointed trichologist will include a number of the following.

    • Knowing about your hair condition in depth. Your trichologist will order some tests if necessary
    • Assessment of your hair condition or hair test results.
    • Diagnose and plan a hair treatment for your hair problem, followed by the best possible treatment.

    Why Choose Us?

    We at Revital Trichology have a basic, straightforward strategy to treat our patients, and we follow it with every patient.


    First, our Best hair doctor in Mumbai will thoroughly discuss your hair problem, overall health, lifestyle, medical history or genetic background to analyse the hair problem and assess several sources that could be a primary cause.


    Then, will advise the best possible treatment for your hair problem after checking your hair condition and understanding it in-depth followed by prescriptions. We will help you get the best hair treatment and you can achieve your hair goals in less time.


    Being the best hair clinic in Mumbai, we are your one-stop solution for treating any hair-related issues! Our team has been offering treatments for hair scalp disorders as well as issues with hair loss under the direction of Dr. Rekha Yadav, one of the famous trichologists in Mumbai


    At Revital Trichology, we have appropriate therapies for both men and women. We are the Best trichology clinic in Mumbai and provide treatments for baldness, PCOS/PCOD hair loss, alopecia areata, premature greying, and baldness. We also provide drug-free treatments like hair transplants, mesotherapy, anti-DHT supplements for androgenetic alopecia, natural and herbal treatments to promote hair growth, PRP for hair loss, and follicular growth unit extraction.


    The days when regrowing hair appeared to be a distant possibility are long gone, thanks to our excellent, durable, and incredibly trustworthy results! 


    So why are you still waiting? Make an appointment to say bye to your hair issues as soon as possible! Connect with the best trichologist in Mumbai now!


    You can also consult online through skype or google hangouts.

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